Make a Thank You Card for Medical Professionals: Community Service Opportunity

Make a Thank you Card for Medical Personnel - Do you want to show your appreciation and support to medical personnel for all their hard work? You can show your gratitude by making a thank you card or picture. You can drop off your thank card in the box in the front office or mail it to Stacey prior to Tuesday, January 19th. We will then deliver the thank you cards to a hospital. 


8th graders may earn 1 hour of community service by participating and dropping it off by the due date. Bring in your School Service Sheet or we can print one for you at the office. Ask office staff to sign your School Service Sheet when you drop off a card.  


This is an extension of Mrs. Valverde's AVID and ELA class card drive. You will get credit for her class as well as an hour of community service if you are an 8th grader.


Click here for link to 8th Grade School Service Sheet