School Spelling Bee

Parents and Students,

Our school is participating in the Spelling Bee. The winner of our school Spelling Bee will advance to the District’s Spelling Bee, and the winner of that will go on to compete at the county level. This year all students are able to participate in the school Spelling Bee. They do not need to be selected by a teacher to participate. 

Our school Spelling Bee will be completed virtually. There are 2 rounds to our school’s Spelling Bee. There is a Preliminary Spelling Bee, which is an online test using the official Spelling Bee platform. Parents must register their student to take this test. The top 3 spellers will move on to the live Spelling Bee via zoom hosted by Mrs. Baird. 

Important Dates:

Jan 13th - Jan 21st: Preliminary School Spelling Bee Test Time Window. You may take this test anytime between these dates. You must be registered.

Monday, Jan 25th at 10am: second and final round of the school Spelling Bee. You must be invited to this test by scoring in the top 3 of the preliminary test. This will be live via zoom with Mrs. Baird

Parents MUST register their student to participate in the Preliminary Spelling Bee.


Register your student at :


*Message Ms. Baird after you register so she can give you access to the test.

Watch the video for info about the registration process: