Change in Dismissal Time on Friday, 9/9

There has been a change to Friday’s (9/9) dismissal time ….. FRIDAY (9/9) DISMISSAL is at 1:29pm

Due to excessive heat, this Friday (9/9) will be a modified day - just like Early-Out Wednesdays. This means that on Friday students will be dismissed at 1:29pm. Please make transportation arrangements for a 1:29 dismissal on Friday. If parents allow students to walk, bike, or skateboard home, that is fine and students may do so. For those parents who can’t provide transportation, then students may remain in our air conditioned gym until 2:45pm. If your child goes to the gym, then please pick them up from the gym anytime between 1:29pm - 2:45pm. The gym parking lot will be open once the buses leave.

In summary… think of this Friday to be exactly like a typical Wednesday, except that we are allowing students without transportation to remain in the gym until 2:45pm.

Below is the letter that was emailed out to families from the District with more information

September 7, 2022 

Good Afternoon WSD families and staff, 

As we begin our second week of school, we want to thank you for keeping the focus on student learning. We would like to express our deep appreciation for our students’ and staff’s efforts in enduring this heat wave. Please continue to follow our WSD Heat Guidelines which is posted on our district website and an all call was sent home on August 31st. 

The Orange County Department of Education in collaboration with the Orange County Health Care Agency have created the following guidelines for schools to increase student safety during periods of hot weather. 

In response to heat advisory concerns, (we are expecting weather to be nearly 100 degrees), this Friday, September 9th we will have all of our schools follow a Modified Day schedule. School will end on Friday at the same time as the Modified Wednesday Schedule. Bussing schedules and lunch distribution will be adjusted to accommodate this change in time. We appreciate your understanding in this schedule change to allow students to beat the heat and offer an alternative option. 

For families who are unable to pick up their children on the early dismissal time on Friday, students will be assigned to an air-conditioned room as available, with supervision, to work on their homework and/or engage in other after school activities. Please reach out to your school office if you have any questions. Once again, thank you for your understanding during this heat wave.

Best Regards, 

Westminster School District