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Special Education Classes

The Mild/Mod SDC class headed by Mrs. Christine VanGilder is designed to support Special Education students in their middle school journey. Our special education team is well trained in instructional practices and strategies to guide, teach, and assist students with access to curriculum and efforts to realize their goals. We are passionate and committed to supporting our students and their families throughout their time at Stacey Middle School.


The Pathways Program headed by Ms. Teresa Ramirez is a Behavior-first program that focuses on the unique needs of each student individually. They help students to better their behavior and social emotional well-being in order for them to be successful members of society.

Designed to include:

  •       2:1 to 3:1 Staff Ratio
  •       Positive Reinforcement System with built-in tangible rewards
  •       Individual and/or group counseling by the school psychologist
  •       Trained Staff (Behavioral/ProAct/ABA)
  •       Daily Character Curriculum 

The VOICES program headed by Mrs. Emily Piramo stands for: Vocational Opportunities and Instruction with Community Experiences for Students. This program is based on California content standards that are used in the classroom and the community to help the student become a well rounded individual. We focus on functional applications of the curriculum and go into the community to practice these skills.


Mrs. Piramo has been teaching special education at Stacey for 7 years in the VOICES program which is a functional academic program that teaches our students through vocational and academic curriculum. She teaches math, reading, social studies, science and this year for the first time is teaching life skills in collaboration with general education.


The Resource Specialist Program (RSP) is a program to help students who struggle. Our department consists of three Resource Specialists, Mr. Cota, Mrs. Dimick and Mrs. Granger, as well as three instructional assistants. Working together we specifically target students with IEPs who spend the majority of their day in a general education setting, however we consult and support the general education teachers and students who may need a bit more support than the typical student.


Our RSP program administrates a Reading Intervention Program that is a collaborative effort between general education and special education.  It includes Language! Live and Read 180 as replacement curriculum, as well as an elective class that offers more instruction and support for specific reading needs.  It offers a modified math class for students with more intense mathematics needs which focuses on learning how to really improve math reasoning skills in a collaborative setting.  It offers support for our students in general education classes in both math and Study Sync (our general education ELA curriculum). Our RSP program also offers study skills classes for students with organizational and assignment completion needs.  


  • Mr. Manuel Cota has 19 years’ experience as a Resource Specialist at Stacey Middle School, teaching reading, writing, math, and social studies. His mentoring of students in the classroom extends as a sports coach and facilitating restorative circles for middle school boys.


  • Mrs. Karen Dimick has been a teacher for over 40 years, and here at Stacey for over 20.  She has enjoyed working with the RSP team as a Resource Specialist for 18 years. She teaches reading, writing, math and our Reading Intervention course in conjunction with Mrs. Granger.


  • Ms. Lisa Granger has been teaching at Stacey Middle School for 15 years, with 7 of those in the RSP program. She teaches reading, writing, and math in collaboration with general education teachers, a Reading Intervention class with Mrs. Dimick, and supports all subjects, including social studies and science within a study skills class. She also enjoys students visiting her room after school to seek help with homework and engage with others in a fun board game club.