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Psychologist & Speech Therapist

School Psychologist: Dr. Gutierrez

Dr. Aisha Gutierrez is a psychologist who has her doctorate in education and works within the educational system to help children with social emotional, behavioral, and academic needs. Her current role at Stacey Middle School consists of special education assessments of intellectual and processing abilities, social-emotional functioning, adaptive behavior, and weekly counseling with the Emotionally Disturbed students in the Pathways program. My professional experience as a school psychologist working in multiple school districts afforded the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to become a professional able to adapt to diverse working styles and personalities. My profession has given me perspective on what is necessary to create an appropriate academic plan that is individualized and specific to varied abilities and needs. My collaboration with supervisors, teachers, and parents create beneficial educational goals that meet students’ diverse needs. I have a commitment as a professional to display fairness and inclusion of all backgrounds and have a passion for helping all students.

Anna Yi, Speech and Language Pathologist
Dr. Aisha Gutierrez, Psychologist
Michele Branch, School Counselor