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Principal's Updates & Announcements

Hello Stacey 6th graders and your families,

You are almost to 7th grade. This email contains important information so please read it carefully.

1. Yearbooks are still available for purchase for $45 thru June 1st.

2. All incoming 7th graders must continue to have their immunizations in order to start 7th grade. Proof of your TDAP shot is still required even with this pandemic. So if you have not yet gotten your shot, please contact your medical provider to set up an appointment to do so. The State of California is still requiring this immunization at the 7th grade level. Our health aide, Mrs. Lara is contacting families to let them know if they have not submitted this documentation yet. You may submit your proof of immunization to Amanda Lara

3. Many of you have already submitted your elective choices but if you have not yet, please get on our website to do so. It is important that you fill out any applications required by May 18 and submit to the correct teacher. Final date for elective choices is May 26. If you do not select a choice then I select one for you and you might not be able to change it in the fall. if you have questions, I am available thru Jupiter Ed and am happy to answer any questions.

4. We will be collecting student Chromebooks, textbooks and library books the week of June 8. More information will be coming out as to how we are doing this. We also will be returning any student belongings from the locker room. All monies owed for school lunches, lost library books or broken Chromebooks need to be paid by the end of the year. You will be contacted if you owe monies so please pay attention to emails or phone calls.

I am always available by email thru Jupiter Ed if you have any questions. All 6th graders need to finish the year strong since you are all getting ready for the rigor of 7th grade. Choosing not to complete work or ignoring opportunities for help will put you behind so work hard and finish strong. You can do it!

Mrs. DeBritton
Hello Stacey 7th grade students and families,

I hope you are doing well. Here is an update of things you will need to know as we approach the end of the school year.
Please read carefully.

1. Yearbooks are still available for $45 through June 1st.

2. We will be collecting student Chromebooks, textbooks, library books the week of June 8. More information will be provided as we get closer to the date. It will be a drive thru process with no students getting out of their car. Your belonging from the locker room will also be given to you at that time. If you owe money to food services, lost library books etc, you will be notified to pay that debt. If it is not paid, it is added and continued onto 8th grade.

3. Many students have already gone to the website to select their elective choices for next year. If you have done that already, awesome job. If you have not, please do so. Electives which require an application are due by May 18. If you do not fill out an elective form, I will select the elective that is available to you. There will be limited opportunities in the fall to change electives so please complete the progress no later than May 26. About half of you have already completed the process so great job.

4. Please try to finish the year strong. You are working on getting ready for the rigor of 8th grade. 8th grade gets harder. It gets you ready for high school so choosing not to complete work or ignoring opportunities for help, will put you behind. You are all awesome students so finish the year with your best work ever.

Mrs. DeBritton
Hello 8th grade students and families,

The end of the school year is fast approaching so I wanted to give you some updates. Please read these carefully.

1. If you still want to purchase a yearbook they are available for $45 until June 1.

2. Exit interviews will still take place for 8th graders in regular education classes on Friday, June 5. Students have been working on these since school began and we want to give them the opportunity to share what they have learned. They should be completing a minimum of 4-5 Google Slides with their cover letter, resume, future plans for college and career, and a slide about something they are most proud of this year. They can add more slides if they want to up to 10. Each Stacey teacher will be conducting a student group interview on Friday, June 5. I will be contacting all 8th graders through Jupiter Ed as to whom they will be interviewing with. Students will send their completed slides to that teacher by June 3 so the teacher can see their work. Then a Google Meets or Zoom group interview will be held where students will have a chance to share their learning with the group and the teacher. This will be part of their grade for ELA. I will continue to send out information about this as will your ELA teachers.

3. We will soon be collecting Chromebooks, textbooks, library books and debt such as food services and debt for damaged Chromebooks, lost library books, etc. Please pay attention to all information sent to you. Food services has been contacting parents about debt owed for the past several weeks. Students will be returning their school materials the week of June 8 and more information about how that works will be coming out soon. We also will be returning student belongings in the locker room at the same time as the drop-off of school materials. We will be hosting a graduation drive thru as well on the days of returning your school materials. Again more information will be forthcoming.

4. I encourage all 8th graders to Finish STRONG!!. While formal grades are not being issued, earning a grade of a No Mark does not look especially good to your high school. Remember you are working on getting your skills ready for the rigor of high school so choosing not to do complete work will put you behind. You are all wonderful students and can do this. Ask for help and do your best.

5. We will also be issuing our end of year graduation awards to students who earned them or were selected for them. Certificates will be handed to you when we have the graduation drive thru. Students will receive their diploma, a program, and a gift from all of us as well on the Graduation drive thru day. More information will be sent out as we get closer to the date.

Mrs. DeBritton

Good morning to everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend with the warmer weather. Here are some updates for this week.

1. Please continue to work hard on your learning. Even though no formal grades are being given,comments will indicate if you worked hard and made progress. This is especially important for 8th graders moving to high school. While I know it is really hard to stay focused, please set up a daily routine that allows for you to learn and have some fun too. This is kindness month and we are focusing on this in our homeroom classes. Be sure to check into your homeroom on Mondays at 9 am and let your homeroom teacher know how you are doing. If you need any help, please reach out to your teacher or Mrs. Baird or me. We are happy to help.

2. The yearbooks are probably not going to be available by June due to the plant shut down. However, we will get them to you when they arrive even if it is July or August! So you may still purchase a yearbook for $45 on- line through our website. Ms. Phan is developing a virtual one too. Check it out on our website.

3. 8th grade parents may purchase promotion signs for their child through Mrs. Hunt, one of our 8th grade parents organizing this. Information is on our website if you want to participate.

4. On Friday, all 6th and 7th grade students and parents can begin to select Electives for next year. There will be a google form for students to fill out. If you want to apply for electives such as Yearbook, AVID, Videography, Advanced Wood, Robotics, etc. You can see those applications on the school website as well. If you will be an 8th grader next year, we have added a trimester wheel to your choices. This will include one trimester of wood, one trimester of Computer Science/Tech, and one trimester of Lifeskills. There is no application for this choice. Please feel free to contact me or Mrs. Baird if you have questions. The google sheet will be available by Friday, May 1 and it is due by May 26. Applications for any elective requiring one are due by May 18. 7th and 8th graders (for next year) may also choose to have a zero period class to gain an additional elective.

Remember we miss all of you and know that you are working hard. Things are improving so I am hopeful that this ordeal will be over shortly and you will be able to see friends and do fun things together. Hang in there.

Mrs. DeBritton





Welcome back

Hello, Stacey students and families,

I hope you were able to enjoy your spring break with some relaxation. Here are some updates for everyone.

1. Final trimester 2 grades are in your
Aeries Portal not Jupiter Ed. These are grades from trimester 2 which ended March 16. They have not been rolled into history yet so you may see a funny message. They will be soon.

2. We have started Trimester 3 and you received information from the district about how grades will look for this trimester. Students will receive a credit or a no mark. If students have completed work and turned it in, taken assessments and scored a 65% or higher they will receive credit. If they chose not to do work or miss some work, they have the opportunity to make it up but will receive no credit or a no mark until they do. On the report card this would be entered as a no mark. There will be a comment section on the report card as well to give further information such as student did not participate in distance learning or student went over and above in distance learning. The final report card in June will also have the first two trimester grades on it as well so it is easy to see how students were performing prior to the school closure. Remember right now continuing learning is important to get ready for the next grade. Do your best. Push yourself to learn as much as you can.

3. The district is looking into a date in the somewhat close future to be able to open up our locker rooms and allow students to get belongings. Please be patient as this will not take place until the COVID numbers start to show improvement.

4. The district has a new family challenge about writing thank you notes so check it out on the district website.

5. Student lunches/ breakfasts are being handed out again daily Monday - Friday from 11- 12:30 pm in the drive thru area in front of Stacey. Anyone may participate in this but you must have your children in the car.

6. Teachers are continuing to post their work weekly so please check in with your teachers. Students should be spending about 3 - 4 hours daily completing and submitting work. Mrs. Baird and I are available by email if you have any questions.

7. There are only 8 weeks left in the school year so work hard and do your best. We miss all of you and know that this has been an extremely trying time for everyone. We are hopeful we can return to normal soon.

Mrs. DeBritton


Happy Tuesday everyone,

I hope you and your family are doing well and that you are staying home so this COVID 19 can go away. Here are some updates:

1. You will notice that on
JupiterEd students can now see their third trimester classes. In addition you will notice a different grading program while we are on distance learning. We have moved to credit/ no credit for grades for this final trimester. In order to earn credit for work completed or assessments students need to earn a 65% or higher. If they receive no credit, work can still be completed for credit . That being said, if students get too far behind on work it will be difficult to keep them current on their learning. Remember the primary goal of distance learning is to maintain skills practice, and learn how to empower yourself!

2. Many parents have asked about schedules for the day while on distance learning at home. It is important that students maintain some type of routine. Students should spend the following on their learning Monday- Friday. Up to 60 minutes day on ELA. This includes listening to the lesson or being present for the lesson and reading, writing, vocabulary, annotating, spelling, grammar, and taking AR tests. Up to 60 minute a day on math which includes listening to the lesson, practice work and review and explaining your thinking, 30 minutes a day on history, 30 minutes daily on Science, 30 minutes daily on PE or physical activity and 20- 30 minutes on your elective. Most teachers are available on Friday to answer questions or re-teach something as needed. Students can spread the learning throughout the day or finish most by lunchtime depending on the routine that works for them. Parents if you need assistance with any of this there are several supports on how to help on our district website under Distance Learning for families.

3. This month is Kindness Month and we have developed something for students to think about or do daily, so check it out on our school website . Pictures can also be uploaded for Ms.Thach to post. Please encourage students to document their activities by uploading their pictures to the google drive It is fun to see everyone's pictures.
4. The district has also posted activities for families and the first one is to build a fort at home.
5. Trimester 2 grades are going to be released by next week on the Aeries Portal. The district will be sending out information about how to access your grades through the portal.
6. Next week is Spring Break and there will be no communication from teachers or me. You get a week to spend with your family without having schoolwork to complete. Students may still make up work if they are behind. Students will return to learning on Tuesday, April 21.
7. We are still gathering ideas to celebrate our 8th graders at the end of the year with some type of graduation so keep those ideas coming to me.

I hope all of you are learning how to navigate this difficult time. Know that things will improve and that we will be able to come together again for school, friends, sports, clubs and more. The Stacey staff truly misses each and every one of our students. Hang in there.

Mrs. DeBritton



Stacey update

By now I am sure you have all received the district message that all WSD schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year due to the COVID 19 virus. This is sad news and I cried today when I knew it was coming to all of you. Know that the staff and I grieve because we cannot see all of you each day at Stacey. The Stacey teachers are dedicated though to helping all students continue to learn until the end of the school year. I know there are many questions but I wanted to give you some updates.

1. Learning will still take place but it is not in a regular classroom but a virtual one. We are lucky that our students have devices that allow them to continue their learning. We will still be following the previous schedule for learning and it is posted on our school website. We know that this is different and that teachers and I are learning how to help all of our students make growth. There is no standardized testing this year so we can relax about that. However, parents and students, school is not over and each day you need to get up and get ready to learn and do your best on each and every learning opportunity that you are presented every day. You as students are empowered to take charge of your learning and I challenge you to do so each and every day.


2. Spring break will still take place from Monday, April 13 - Friday, April 17. April 20 is still a student free day and teachers will be learning that day how best to help students with distance learning. The district website has a distance learning tab that has many resources for all grade levels and parents. Please check it out.
3. I know many of our students left on that Friday, March 13 not thinking they would not be back to school and many have items left in the locker rooms. I am working with the district office as we figure out a way for students to come and get belongings maintaining social distance and all of that protection. As soon as I know more about that I will keep you all informed.

4. There have been many questions about grades. Currently the California Dept. of Ed has developed grading policies for seniors which looks like a credit / no credit or pass /fail grade policy. As I know more about this I will keep you informed. We do not want any students to " fail" and no one would be retained because of this virus situation. Please bear with us as we figure out the best way to keep students and parents informed of learning progress. If you have a special education student we will also be looking into how we how hold an IEP meeting online . So bear with us as we figure this out and hopefully after our Spring break I will have more information on these items.

5. Please continue to feel free to contact me or Mrs. Baird with any questions. We are happy to help. We feel the deep sadness of our 8th graders who were looking forward to exit interviews, Knott's trip and graduation. We as a staff are looking at ways we can still celebrate so if you have some suggestions please let us know.

6. Parents I know this is hard trying to help and teach your children during this time. Know that we understand this and know you are doing your best. Students should be working on schoolwork for about 3-4 hours a day Monday- Friday. We understand that this is a time for your family to bond and do activities together that you might not have had time to do in the past so take that walk together, make chalk drawings on the sidewalk, do a puzzle, watch a movie, read together and the list goes on and on. Stay safe and Stay home.We also understand that this is a very stressful time for everyone and you know your child best. We do not want to add stress to anyone.

Lastly, we are thankful for our students and our family community. Many of you have been so positive in your communications with us and we appreciate your kind words. Remember this is kindness month and students are challenged to do something kind each and every day. Check it out on our Instagram account.

Have a great evening and i will be in touch next week before we go to Spring Break.

Mrs. DeBritton







Good morning Stacey Cougars

Hello everyone,
I hope you had a good weekend with your family and everyone is safe and healthy.


Students need to check in with their homeroom teacher this morning at 9 am. You only do this on Mondays.


Today at 11 am, you should be checking in with your ELA teacher to listen to what they have to say or get instruction.


Remember food is available from 11- 12:30 pm each day this week thru drive up in front of our school.


I miss all of you and hope that you are doing well and no one in your family is ill. Please remember to check the district website for updates. I assume since President Trump increased the stay at home until April 30, there will be an extension of our school district closure. However, I do not have that information at this time so again please continue to check the district website for more updated information.


Please check out our Stacey Instagram account because we saw a lot of very cute pets with their owners as well as baby pictures. Stay safe and stay home.

8th graders: if you are attending Westminster High School next year be sure to complete the
google survey sent last week by this Friday for you classes for next year. If you need the survey again it is posted on our Stacey website. If you are a Marina student for next year I am trying to contact them to day to see what they need you to do.

Mrs. DeBritton


March 26, 2020

Hello Stacey students and families, The teachers and I had had a zoom meeting today and all of your teachers miss seeing you terribly. We hope you are healthy and being safe at home.

Here is some updated information:

All teachers are checking in with their homeroom students. We want to know that everyone is okay and trying to complete their work. If you have not checked in thru JupiterEd, please check in with all your teachers. Mrs. Baird and I will be contacting those of you who have not checked in.

Here is our schedule for learning as to when teachers will be providing instruction to students. Some teachers might check in more frequently.

  •       Mondays at 9:00am: All homeroom teachers will be checking in with students.
  •       Mondays at 11:00am: ELA teachers will be providing on-line instruction including google meet or zoom or something with students.
  •       Tuesdays at 9:00am: Math teachers will be providing instruction.
  •       Tuesdays at 11:00am: It is time to get moving with your PE teachers.
  •       Wednesdays at 9:00am: History teachers will be providing instruction.
  •       Wednesdays at 11:00am: Science teachers will be providing instruction.
  •       Thursdays at 11:00am: Elective classes such as band and Spanish have learning time.
  •       Fridays. Teachers may again check in with students to provide support and feedback or you may be asked to take a quiz .


The AR portal is now open for students to take an AR test if they finish a book. If you are having difficulty with this, please contact your ELA teacher. We also unlocked audible for students to get reading material on-line. Please check with your ELA teacher if you need help.

The second trimester grades will be available on Aeries on April 7. Teachers have not entered final grades yet so to not worry.
AERIES Parent Portal

As for 3rd trimester, teachers are beginning to enter grades in
JupiterEd. That being said, any student who is having difficulty accessing work will be given additional time to complete it when we return to campus. This does not mean it does not count. Please attempt to do your work. You are empowered to take charge of your learning.

ASB is hosting a fun distance Spirit week so check it out on the Stacey Instagram account: @staceymscougars

Lastly, please feel free to contact me or Mrs. Baird if you need anything through email or JupiterEd. We are here to help. I know this is a very hard time but I know our students and
you are all amazing!

Do your work every day.    Stay positive.

Call your friends and talk with them on the phone Do not just text. Hearing a voice is important


Keep a journal. You are experiencing a new historical time that you will be able to tell your children about.

Smile, things will get back to normal soon.

Mrs. DeBritton


Hello Stacey students and families,

This is Mrs. DeBritton checking in with with all of you. I hope you are all healthy and safe and maintaining good social distance so no one becomes ill. As of today the Cal. Department of Education released information that public school districts are considered Critical Structure Institutions and will continue to provide distance learning and nutrition services. This information came after Governor Newsom's press release conference declaring a " Stay at Home Order" except for essential needs and services. Here is more information:

1.Stacey will continue to provide hard copies of the learning packets if you still need one outside the office Monday and Tuesday from 9-11 am. These are the same packets that were made available previously. The packets have work for three weeks.

2. Students need to be in communication with their teachers thru Teachers are communicating work, sending video support and more. All students need to check in daily.

3. Lunch and breakfast will be available M-F from 11-12:30 pm at Stacey, Johnson, Demille, Warner, Anderson and two new sites Hayden and Wilmore.

4. If you still need to pick up medication please come to the office Mon or Tues from 9-11 am. Please knock on the front door and we will bring your medications to you. Please do not enter the office.

5. If you are having difficulty with your chromebook you may email Mrs. DeBritton or Mrs. Baird or use jupitered to inform us. We can have Mr. Luu our tech call you to see if we can fix it over the phone or make arrangements for a loaner if needed.

We miss all of you and want to you to continue your spend time learning daily. Our PE teachers have sent our some fabulous things to keep you physically fit as well. Keep checking the Stacey Instagram account as well for more updates.

I will be contacting you frequently to keep you updated.

Mrs. DeBritton


Many of our PTA board members are 8th grade parents so we are in need of some active parents to step up and be our PTA leaders. We need a president, secretary, and ways and means which is fundraising. We are a great team and meet monthly after school to support all Stacey students Please call our office if you are interested in participating on the PTA board. We need you!


Our last PTA Spring fundraiser will begin on Friday, March 6 with kickoff fun at lunch for the sale of popcorn and cookies through Pacific fundraising. The sale will run from March 6- March 20 and the product will be delivered on April 8 before spring break. Proceeds pay for for all families.

Spring Pictures are coming on Monday, March 9 during your child’s PE class.

Last tile painting day is March 12 from 2:45- 4:30 in room H3. Tiles can still be purchased for $15 until the morning of March 12. This will be the last opportunity for students to complete their tiles as well. Paint a tile and be a part of Stacey history forever!!

Our second trimester ends on March 13. Students should be working hard to complete any absent work, missing work or make up any assessments prior to March 13. Please check to monitor your child’s progress and grades. At- risk conferences are during the week of March 23-27. Students will be dismissed at 1:2pm every day during conference week.

As you know the coronavirus news is constantly changing and being updated. Our district has a new link on the district website where information is updated and available to all community members.

The 2020 Census is coming. We encourage all families to respond to the census which will take place in March/ April. Remember census responses are safe and secure and by law your responses cannot be used against you. We are even planning a census day here at Stacey. Remember this important population count is essential for providing resources for our community.

The Open Enrollment period in the Westminster School District began on Wed. Feb. 5 – Friday, April 10. If you have a student within the WSD district boundaries you may opt to open enroll your student to another campus. Open enrollment forms are available beginning Feb. 5 at any school office or at the district office.