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Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Students are required to have all required immunizations before they can return to school. Proof of Immunizations can be sent to Amanda Lara - Health Services Assistant
If your child does not attend one of Stacey's feeder schools (Clegg, Eastwood, Schroeder, Webber, Willmore) and you want them to attend Stacey you'll need to complete Open Enrollment if you haven't already done so. Contact: Susan Hillenbrand at our District office
Current WSD students do not need to do "enrollment" to attend Stacey. Students records are transferred electronically through AERIES. 

During the summer you will receive information how to update your AERIES Parent Portal and for on campus registration. On that day, students are to bring required paperwork to the school to get their schedule, textbooks, purchase PE clothes, have their picture taken, etc. 
If you have questions please email Stacey Registrar
Questions regarding Open Enrollments or Inter-District Transfers can be emailed to: 
Copies of Grades/Report Cards can always be printed from the AERIES Portal. There is a section titled "GRADES". There you can view and print Grades, Grades History, and Report Card History (including Elementary Report Cards if applicable).
  • Forgot your password? Use "forgot password" feature
  • Need to create an account use "create account" feature. Be sure to click on either "student" or "parent"
To request a copy of a Transcript email: (Stacey Registrar) or call
Westminster School District @ 714-894-7311.
If you do not have the capability to print at home, you may request copies of any of the above by email to the Stacey Registrar and have them available for pick-up at the District Office.
Please do not hesitate to email the Stacey Registrar if you have any questions or concerns. 
Helpful Information
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  3. Aeries Data Confirmation Directions (Vietnamese)
  4. Aeries Online Enrollment Guide (English)
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  6. Aeries Online Enrollment Guide (Vietnamese)
  7. Aeries Parent Portal Directions (English)
  8. Aeries Parent Portal Directions (Spanish)
  9. Aeries Parent Portal Directions (Vietnamese)
  10. Extended School Program (Child Care - English)
  11. Extended School Program (Child Care - Spanish & Vietnamese)
  12. Google Account Creation Link (Gmail)
  13. Google Account Sign Up Guide (English)
  14. Google Account Sign Up Guide (Spanish)
  15. Google Account Sign Up Guide (Vietnamese)
  16. Jupiter Grades Help
  17. Nutrition Information (English)
  18. Nutrition Information (Spanish & Vietnamese)
  19. School Locator
  20. Unmark Spam in Gmail (English)
  21. Unmark Spam in Gmail (Spanish) - Desmacar el spam en Gmail
  22. Unmark Spam in Gmail (Vietnamese) - Bỏ chọn Spam trong Gmail

Why the "S" in PTSA? Because, our students can be members too!

While middle school is uniquely different when it comes to parent involvement, there is still a need and great appreciation for those who give their time and efforts. Our PTSA serves in many ways on our campus with dances, student activities like Battle of the Homerooms, staff support, and fundraisers. Through PTSA dedication we have been able to provide Jupiter Ed to all students and staff; a tool used for daily assignments and grading.


Hello Everyone,

I hope you and your families are safe and healthy. I’m writing to let you know about the PTSA positions opening up for the 2020-2021 school year. This year’s PTSA is made up almost entirely of 8th grade parents, creating several vacancies for next year. Here’s a list of the positions that need to be filled:

Vice President
*Ways & Means (Fundraising)

*In order to have a PTSA at SMS, the following positions are required to be filled: President, Treasurer, and Ways and Means.

Please consider accepting one of these positions, and spread the word to your friends and neighbors. If you have any questions regarding the position requirements, the amount of hours, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or Mrs. DeBritton. 

Thank you!
Lisa Rodden, PTSA President