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2020-2021 Prinicipal's Updates and Announcements

Happy Stacey Cougars.

Today is an odd day so please attend your period 1,3,5, and 7. Teacher office hours are also available today. Do your best. Work hard. Make sure you are asking for help if you need it.
Remember your grades count and apply toward your graduation status for 7th and 8th graders.

It is a beautiful Tuesday Stacey Cougars October 13.
Today is an odd day so you will attend period 1,3,5, and 7 and your homeroom class too. Remember there are teacher office hours again this afternoon if you need to ask for help or get clarification on anything. You should have turned in all work from last week by yesterday at 3 pm.
Congratulations to your new ASB leaders. We are excited to have you represent Stacey. Work hard Stacey Cougars
Progress reports are going out later this week.
Morning Announcements 10/9/2020

Happy Friday Stacey Cougars!

Finish up the week strong today Stacey Cougars. Today is Friday, Oct. 9 and it is an even day. See your teachers for help if you need them after school.
Progress reports will be going out late next week.
Congratulations to all of our September Cougar Pride Award winners! Your award is being mailed to your home and your name is up on our website.
Remember there are fun surveys for prizes by our yearbook students so check it out online.
Are you reading for your AR points? Mrs. Bell will be setting up our library soon electronically so you can select books and come and pick them up!
Lastly, if you are currently in art, please stop by and pick up your materials before 4 pm today. They are in front of the office.
Mr. Woodruff is having instrument pick up for advanced classes on Monday, Oct. 12 so please pay attention to any of his communication as to when you are to come and pick up your instrument.
There is an important communication about hybrid schedules and health and safety protocols going out to all families this afternoon after 4 pm. The information will also be posted on our website. Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. DeBritton
Good Morning and Happy Thursday Stacey Students:

Today is Thursday, Oct. 8 and it is an odd day. Are you working hard and asking for help? Remember your teachers are there for you so if you need help just ask.
Have your parents signed up for Amazon Smile to help raise money for our Stacey PTA? Please remind them to do so. Directions are on our website.
If you are in an Art elective currently Mrs. Walters had contacted you to come and get your supplies needed for projects. They are out in front of the office so it is an easy pick up. We are open until 4 pm so you can come after school hours today.
Remember our Origami club meets today. I have attached the flyer again. I have also attached the flyer for parent seminars for Love and Logic. I highly recommend this series. Make it a great day!

Mrs. DeBritton
Happy Monday October 5, Stacey Cougars
Today you have homeroom from 8:00- 9:15 and then there is teacher office hours from 9:30 -10:30. All assigned work for last week is due today by 3 pm so work hard and make sure you turn all your work. Progress reports will be going home in the next week.
Our first virtual Origami club begins this Thursday, Oct 8. I have again attached the flyer with the google classroom code.
Please remind everyone to join Amazon Smile (directions are on our school website) to help support our PTA who supports you!
Our first School Site council meeting will be Wed. Oct. 14 at 5 pm. A zoom link will be send out along with a ballot later this week. We did have 3 parents volunteer to serve on our site council so thank you to all of you.
We will not be holding parent conferences the week of Oct. 19 as previously scheduled. Look for a different date after the first trimester. I also have included the flyer again for Love and Logic parent training if you are interested.
Make it a great day Stacey Cougars!
Happy Friday Stacey Cougars!

It is Friday, Oct. 2, 2020 and you made it through another week. I am so sorry you did not get announcements yesterday. Mrs. DeBritton was in a meeting. We are so proud of you. Keep up that hard work.
Progress reports are coming in the next weeks. If you are receiving a C- or lower in any class your parent will be mailed a progress report. You then have about 4 weeks to pull that grade up and get on track. We have help every day after school so there is no reason not to do well.

Our first club is starting next week!!! It is a virtual Origami Club and it will begin October 8. Mrs. Thach is the teacher in charge and I have attached the flyer for you to upload the google classroom code. The flyer will also be on our website. Learn how to fold paper into animals and geometric shapes.

Parents, we should have our PTSA Totem website up by next week so look for an email regarding joining our PTA! I have also attached a parent flyer for Love and Logic which is a free class for making parenting and teaching fun and rewarding rather than stressful and chaotic .Check it out!

I still need some parents who are interested in becoming elected members of our Site council. If you are interested in working with our teachers, classified personnel and admin to continue to make Stacey the best middle school, then please send me your name. We will be starting our school site council meeting on October 14 at 5 pm through zoom. I have one parent who has expressed interest but we need three on our council. We only meet about 4 -5 times a year. Anyone can attend our meeting but only elected members can vote.

Lastly, I know many of our students and parents are asking about our WSD opening date for hybrid. We are working hard to develop a schedule that is equitable for both hybrid and virtual students and a decision with more formation should be coming in the next week or so, so stay tuned.
Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. DeBritton
Good Morning Stacey Cougars.

Today is Monday, Sept. 28 and you will only be in your homeroom class until 9:15 am. Office hours for teachers are from 9:30 – 10:30 so see your teacher if you have any questions for any class. Remember any classwork, assessments, or homework from last week needs to be turned in by 3 pm this afternoon for credit. So work hard and do your best.
Hopefully you remembered to update your Chromebook this weekend and turned it off on Saturday and just plugged it in.
Also remember attendance is taken daily and you need to be present for the class in order to be counted as present.
Chromebook Insurance may be purchased for $40 thru Oct. 1. After that date, Chromebook insurance is no longer available. Insurance can be purchased online or you may drop off a check to the office.
Yearbooks are available for purchase on our school website.
Lastly all families should have filled out the commitment survey from several weeks ago. We have been calling families who do have not responded. As of this week, if your family has not responded to our phone calls you will be placed in the virtual model.

Mrs. DeBritton
Hello Stacey students and families,

You made it through another week and you are smarter than you were the previous week. Mrs. Baird and I are still reading one pagers and goal setting essays so keep them coming. I only have about 250 left to read!! I have homework this weekend.
Our candy jar guess, scavenger hunt and opportunity drawing are also on our website for student to participate in until Tuesday at 3 pm. Check it out. Parents can still visit our Back to School link on our website as well.
I have good news for you this weekend. I want you to turn off your Chromebook on Saturday and not use it for the whole day. I want you to charge it. Now you may be asking why? The Chromebooks need to be completely turned off and then plugged in order to update programs and items on them so this Saturday is update your Chromebook day! Don’t forget or you may have trouble with programs next week. Turn it off completely, plug it in and go do something fun like ride your bike or skateboard, garden, play basketball, do chalk drawing… you get the idea….. No technology…….
Chromebook insurance may be purchased for $40 thru Thurs. Oct. 1. After that time period, you will be unable to purchase insurance.
Remember Monday, you will have the day after homeroom to check in for help with any teacher and then to complete and turn in any work by 3 pm. You can do it and have no missing assignments.
Enjoy your first fall weekend.

Mrs. DeBritton
Happy Sept. 23 to everyon!.

Today is our Virtual Back to School Night. As of 6 pm all families can go to our website stacey.wsdk8.us and click on the link for Back to School Night. Scroll through to find your teachers so you can see their video about the class you have with them. This can be done at your leisure. In addition we have some fun activities for families or students to do as well. First Guess how much candy is in all three candy jars and submit your guess on the form. Closest guess wins one of the jars- One Per grade ! Simply enter the appreciation drawing to win a $5 Starbucks gift card. One per grade! and lastly go on the Stacey website scavenger hunt. Read the clues and find the code word and then fill out the form. Win a $ 5 starbucks gift card- One per grade. 8th graders are welcome to watch a Washington DC trip video under Mrs. Sass!
As always if you have any questions we are here to help. Students today is an even day so you will attend HR and then period 2.4.6. and 8.
Remember teacher office hours are from 1:45 -2:15 so check in if you need help. Make it a great day.
Happy First Day of Fall to our Stacey Cougars,

Today is Tuesday, Sept 22 and it is an odd day so you are going to homeroom and period 1,3,5,and 7. thank your from Mrs. Baird and Mrs. DeBritton for all of the wonderful one pagers and goal setting essays. We are busy responding to each of yo so please be patient.
Please remember you need to log into your WSD account before going to Zoom now. If you do not you will not be able to access the zoom sessions so if you get an error message, log out and log into your WSD account first and then go to zoom.

Chromebook insurance can still be purchased for $40 and the yearbook is still on sale..
Tomorrow is Back to School night virtually. At 6 pm our website stacey.wsdk8.us will provide a video link from our school for each family to view at your leisure.

Make it a great day!!
Happy Friday to all of our Stacey families, I hope you had a wonderful week.
Thank you to all of you who already filled out the Commitment Survey to let us know if you would like virtual or hybrid learning when we can open schools. This information is due by Monday, September 21. So if you have not yet completed it, it only takes a second. The links are attached below so you just have to click and fill out the form.

Chromebook Insurance can still be purchased for $ 40 through Oct. 1.

Please remind your student to finish up their one pager and submit to me or Mrs. Baird on Google no later than 3 pm on Monday, Sept. 21. We are very impressed with our students’ goals, and character traits.

Our Back to School Night is set for Wed. Sept 23 at 6 pm. At that time you can log onto our school website and see video of each teacher and staff member introducing themselves to you and reviewing curriculum and expectations. You can do this at your leisure. You only need to visit the teachers that your child has. As always you can contact teachers or us through our email or jupitered.

We see that many of our students are truly working hard during virtual learning. We know this is difficult. It is important that students attend all classes and ask for help if they need it. Remember Monday is just 1 hour long with their homeroom teacher until 9:15 and teacher office hours are from 9:30-10:30 am. Students have the remainder of the day to complete any work from the previous week and turn it in by 3 pm for credit. After 3 pm, it is considered late unless you have been in communication with your teacher. Please remember that taking tests is an important part of your grade so you need to be sure you are doing that.

Enjoy you weekend.
Mrs. DeBritton
Happy Friday Stacey Cougars,

I know it has been a long week but I am so proud of your work. Your One Pagers are amazing and 8th graders who are submitting their goal essays are outstanding as well so hang in there and do your best today.

Today is Friday, Sept, 18 and it is an even day so you will be logging into your homeroom, period 2, 4, 6 and 8. Remember attendance is taken every period and you need to log in,. It is best to login into your WSD google account before logging into zoom or any other programs.

If your parent has not yet submitted the commitment survey, please have them complete it . It is due by Monday so I know what program virtual or hybrid you and your parent selected. Chromebook insurance is still available for $ 40 thru Oct. 1 and the yearbook is still on sale on our website..

Remember if you have not yet turned in your One Pager to Mrs. DeBritton or Mrs. Baird, it is due by Monday at 3 pm.

Have a great weekend.
Good Morning Stacey Scholars,

Here are your daily morning announcements

Today is Thursday Sept. 17 and it is an odd day. Homeroom is at 8 am. period 1 at 8:15 period 3 at 9:30, Period 5 at 10:45 and period 7 at 12:45. All teachers have office hours from 1:45- 2:15 if you need help.

Helpful tip of the day: Be sure to login into your wsdoc.me Google Account before you go to your Zoom session. You will have better connectivity and less issues.

Your parents were emailed a 100% Online vs. Hybrid Commitment Survey to fill out by next Monday, Sept. 21 . Your parent needs to let us know on the survey whether you will be staying virtual for the remainder of the trimester or returning to school two days a week by hybrid. Please remind your parent to fill out this information. It was sent through JupiterEd through your parent's AERIES email account and it is on our website as well (See above)

Remember Chromebook Insurance is due by Oct. 1 . Yearbooks are on sale on our website and more fun opportunities to earn some gift cards and or other prizes will be revealed in the next few days.
Work hard, ask questions and do your best. You can do it Cougars! Make it a great day!
Good morning Stacey Cougars,

Today is Wednesday, September 16 and it is an even day. You will be attending periods 2,4,6, and 8 and your homeroom class too.

Period 2 is at 8:15, Period 4 at 9:30 and period 6 at 10:45. Period 8 resumes at 12:45 pm. Remember there are teacher office hours from 1:45- 2:15 pm if you need help.

1. If you have not yet submitted your One Pager to your homeroom teacher and either Mrs. Baird or Mrs. DeBritton.
You still can submit thru Google through next Monday, Sept. 21 by 3pm.

2. Chromebook Insurance can still be purchased for $40 and Yearbooks are on sale on our school website stacey.k8.us

3. Every Stacey family received an email from Mrs. DeBritton last night about choosing to remain in virtual learning or selecting a hybrid model to return to campus two days a week. Please remind your parents to fill out the commitment form. It is due no later than Monday Sept 21.

4. Virtual clubs are coming so please stay tuned for more information.
Work hard, ask questions and do you best. You are a Stacey Cougar and we are amazing! Have a great day!
Good Morning and Happy Monday: Here is the latest updates.

1. Today is Monday and students have class with their homeroom teachers until 9:15., All teachers will have office hours from 9:30 – 10:30 am today for students to ask questions, get clarification, etc. . From 10:45- 3 pm students should be finishing any work from last week and turning it in for credit. All work from last week is due by 3 pm today. After this deadline, the work that is not turned in will be marked to a zero. Please check JupiterEd to see if your child is missing any work.

2. Please make sure you have set up your JupiterEd account. I am communicating with you thru this system.

3. Have you joined Amazon smile yet to help us with fundraising for our PTA. Check it out on our school website: stacey.wsdk8.us

4. Yearbook has been working on a way to gather pictures from student and families. Here is the link for you to send any pictures: docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vSi7T5fFXOMWevqFVYU2eewnGAsbKXzlT9XMGnmhh0XJp3wICfG325wUxA7q7GYuwIkqGF8HK8WTv4O/pub?start=true&loop=false&delayms=600

We are hopeful that we can have Lifetouch come onto campus when we return to take student pictures later this year. Stay tuned for more information.

5. Chromebook Insurance can still be purchased for $40 through our website or if you need to issue a check, it can be dropped off in the office. Last call for Chromebook Insurance is October 1.

6. One Pagers from our first day of school are due to homeroom teachers and Mrs. DeBritton or Mrs. Baird by next Monday, Sept. 21 at 3 pm. We have been impressed with our student’s goals, and character traits.
7. Our first PTA board meeting is tomorrow evening at 4:45. Please check your message from last week for the zoom link. I will send a reminder to parents only tomorrow.
We are happy to answer any questions..

Mrs. DeBritton

Hello Stacey families,

I hope you were able to enjoy your Labor Day weekend even with the excessive heat. Here are some updates:


We had very successful short week and by now all students should have met all of their teachers. Students have been working on an AVID One Pagers which should be turned into Ms. Baird, if they met with her on the first day or me if they met with me on the first day. Students can submit their work through Google to us. One pagers are due to us no later than Tuesday, Sept. 22. Those who have already turned in their work, it has been amazing and we are putting student work on our website and in our front office.  We are both impressed with our students and their goals.
Still looking for some PTA board members. We definitely need a secretary, treasurer and a ways means person for fundraising. If you are interested please plan on attending our first PTA board meeting next Tuesday, Sept. 15 at 4:45 pm by Zoom. I will be sending out the Zoom the day of the meeting if you care to join. We are still looking into virtual membership. Please support Stacey PTSA with their fundraising efforts to help pay for JupiterEd by purchasing all your Amazon orders through Amazon Smile. JupiterEd is an important tool for both students and parents. 
School Site Council meetings. Our first meeting is set for October 14 at 5 pm. We have an opening for a parent member and we will be sending out a ballot soon. The meeting is open to any parent, however, only elected members may vote. If you are interested in participating as a voting member and having your name on the ballot please send your name to Mrs. DeBritton by Sept. 
English Language Learner Advisory Council (ELAC) on Wednesday, October 7 at 8:30 am by Zoom as well. This meeting is open to any parent of an English learner. Again, Zoom information will be sent out the day prior to this meeting to all parents thru JupiterEd.
As you know the district is carefully watching the data concerning Orange County and the new colored tiers. Orange County must move into the red tier and remain there for 3 weeks in order for schools to be considered for reopening for a hybrid model. We will again be asking for parents to submit their choice of remaining on virtual learning or moving to a hybrid model as we look more closely at the data. Our district is committed to keeping students and staff safe and healthy.
Chromebook Insurance can still be purchased through the Online or we will begin to take checks dropped off in the office. We would appreciate the online purchase as much as possible to limit interaction of people with the front office but if that is not possible, please feel free to drop off your check of $40 in the box on the front table. Chromebook Insurance is due by October 1st.
Back to School Night is Wednesday, September 23 and will all be done virtually with teachers providing video recordings for their programs. More information we will be coming in the next few weeks.
Lastly, if you are having any tech issues please give us a call so we can provide support. Or check out our Tips and Troubleshooting - Google Classroom and Zoom page.


Enjoy your week!

Hello Stacey Parents and Students, 

  We had a successful first day of virtual learning.  It went very well with just a few hiccups.  I know some students had difficulty logging on but overall we were able to get to troubleshooting quickly.  It was awesome to see all of the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who were on Zoom with me or Mrs. Baird. They were amazing. 

I have posted the Powerpoint presentation that we did with students and the videos (they are embedded in the powerpoint) that we showed students on our school website if your child or you wanted to review anything.

Tomorrow students will log into their homeroom for attendance and then log into their period 1,3,5 and 7 classes. Your child should have received the Google Classroom logins for their period 1, 3, 5, and 7 classes from their teachers today, so please check to make sure they have the login code for the correct class. 

Yearbook purchases can be made on our website as well as Chromebook Insurance purchases and how to sign up for Amazon Smile to support our PTA.  

Have a wonderful evening.

Hello Stacey families,


I hope this message finds you and your family healthy and enjoying your summer break. By now you should have received your district letter regarding your data confirmation to begin the 2020/2021 school year. If you did not receive your letter, no worries, you can still complete your data confirmation. Please go to the Westminster School District website: wsdk8.us. Click on the MyWSD header on the far right. Or you can go to my.wsdk8.us.  

In the top menu move the cursor over student information to expand the drop down menu and then click on Data Confirmation. Do Not register your student as a new student.  Please complete all  parts of the data confirmation including Family information, student, contacts, medical history, documents, authorizations and final data confirmation. If you have a printer please print, sign and date the document and then you will have your child bring this paper with them to our student materials pick up day which is coming soon. If you do not have a printer, please do not worry. We will print for you.  While we will not be offering onsite support this year we can still help you with this process by phone.  If you have any questions, please contact the following people or give us a call at 714 894-7212.





tbenitez@wsdk8.us ( Spanish help)

bnguyen@wsdk8.us( Vietnamese help)