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Principal's Updates & Announcements: 2nd Trimester 2020-2021

New Virtual Bell Schedule started January 4th
On January 4th we started on a new bell schedule. Since we are remaining 100% virtual until February 16th, the District decided to modify the bell schedule to better meet the needs of our students. Our current bell schedule was designed to meet the needs of a hybrid students on-campus. Our new bell schedule is designed specifically for 100% virtual instruction. This new bell schedule will better meet the needs of our students by increasing instructional minutes and lengthening the school day. Thank you for our flexibility and understanding during these unprecedented times. 
*Classes will not change - only the bell schedule will change.
*Homeroom will only be on Mondays
Virtual Bell Schedule

PTA Membership Drive


Our PTA board is now up and running and we are having a Membership Drive this month from Jan. 4th - Jan. 15th. PTA Membership is only $10 and your membership pays for a lot including JupiterEd. You can join by simply mailing in a $10 check to our school address made out to Stacey PTSA or by dropping it off at our office. We have a hands free box! We are still having difficulty with totem so completing it online is not working just yet. Last year we had 400 members so we would love to get that many again. A membership flyer is attached to this email.
Remember it is holiday time and you might be purchasing items from Amazon.( I know I am!) So please use our Amazon Smile program to have Amazon donate to our site! Flyer is attached as to how you do that.
Lastly, Our See’s candy sale ends this Friday, Dec. 4 and we have earned a profit of $1200 so far and want to get to $ 2000 so please order up some delicious See’s. Order form is our school website and everything is delivered directly to your home. So easy!


Stacey PTSA Membership Flyer.docx

Amazon Smile flyer.pdf

Morning Announcement

Happy Friday Stacey Students,
Tomorrow is Friday, Nov. 20 and cohort B students are attending even classes in the morning and Cohort A students are attending even classes in the afternoon. Cohort A students should be doing independent work in the morning. Next week is the Thanksgiving break so take the time to be thankful for all the things you do have and take the time to rest and be ready to start back to school on Tuesday, Dec. 1 virtually. We are carefully watching the COVID numbers in Orange County and hope they will decrease so we can open up our hybrid program quickly when we return to the red tier.
Remember our PTA See’s candy fundraiser is going on until Dec. 4 and you order on- line and it is delivered directly to your home! Super easy!! Here is the link again: www.yumraising.com/secure/staceyms_christmas__fundrasier32/candy?h=KimDon9063&c=fb1850
We hope you have a restful and healthy Thanksgiving break.

Mrs. DeBritton and the Stacey staff.

Morning Announcement

On Thursday if you are in Cohort B you have your odd classes in the morning. If you are in Cohort A you will do independent work this morning after you check in for homeroom and then you will zoom in with your odd periods in the afternoon. On Friday, we do the same thing with even classes. All students need to zoom in for homeroom daily.
I have attached two schedules one for A and one for B for students to use if they are confused about our new schedule. They are at the bottom of this email. Thank you to Ms. Falley for developing these.
Remember the PTA See’s candy fundraiser is taking place and the final day for orders is Dec. 4. We tried to get it extended to Dec. 11 but they need those orders no later than Dec.4. Remember you purchase online and it is delivered directly to your home. Here is the link: www.yumraising.com/secure/staceyms_christmas__fundrasier32/candy?h=KimDon9063&c=fb1850

Cohort schedule links:
Morning announcments

Good morning Stacey students,
I am sorry morning announcements are a bit late today. The Thanksgiving Holiday Break is next week so hang in there and meet your new teachers and make sure you attend all classes. You are off from school for all of next week Nov. 23- 27 and you are off on Monday, Nov. 30 since that is a teacher prep day. You will return to school on Tuesday, Dec. 1. Please remember that if you are a B cohort student your teachers will have given you work for the morning for Tuesday and Wednesday Dec. 1 and 2 so please check their google classroom for the assigned work.
Last night I sent out our PTA’s See’s candy fundraiser. The link is also in this email. Your parents can order directly on- line and the candy ships to your house. You do not have to turn in any paperwork nor do you have to come and pick up any candy. We did extend the fundraiser until Dec. 11. The funds raised from this will pay for our jupitered and for graduation for 8th graders. I am hopeful that we will have that important ceremony for you in the gym in June!!! Our PTA membership drive will be starting soon so stay tuned for more information.
I wish all of our families a safe and healthy Thanksgiving. Even though times are rough it is important to express gratitude for what you and your family have. Enjoy your break next week.
Mrs. DeBritton
See’s Candy Link: www.yumraising.com/secure/staceyms_christmas__fundrasier32/candy?h=KimDon9063&c=fb1850
Important Announcement
Hello Stacey students, families and staff,

You will soon be receiving a message from our district office regarding Orange County being moved to the most restrictive purple tier. Due to this move, our middle school cannot open since we have not been open for in-person instruction. Our elementary sites have been open so they are allowed to remain open. Here is the CDC wording: “If the county is in purple tier on the day the school plans to reopen for in-person instruction, the school must wait until it is eligible again.” What this means for our 3 middle schools at Johnson, Stacey, and Warner, is that students will stay in a 100% virtual learning model until further notice.

All students Cohort A and Cohort B will begin their new schedule tomorrow which means that Cohort A students will be zooming in the morning for periods 1,3,5, and 7 and Cohort B will be zooming in the afternoon period 1,3,5, and 7. All students must zoom into their homeroom class at 8:10 am.

We understand that this information might be very upsetting to students and families especially those looking forward to returning to campus. It is upsetting to us too. Know that we want to keep everyone safe and healthy and that we will keep you updated as we have more information. No student is to report to campus tomorrow. We will all remain on virtual learning in our new Cohort A and B schedule.

Mrs. DeBritton

Thank you for your patience and understanding. This COVID pandemic is changing minute by minute.
Our office will remain open and we are here to answer questions in the morning.

Morning Announcement
Good Morning Stacey Cougars!
Today is Monday, Nov. 16 and the beginning of the new second trimester. You will check in with your homeroom teacher at 8:15 am (remember it is 15 minutes later) and you will receive your login codes for your teachers. Teacher office hours are now from 9:30 – 10:45 am and then you have the rest of the day to complete work and get ready to attend your new second trimester classes tomorrow.
Attached is the yearbook video which announces the winners and a surprise video too.
Tomorrow is our first day for on campus instruction. If you are a Hybrid A student you will be coming to campus. Please make sure to wear your mask, bring your chromebook fully charged (we cannot charge here anymore), bring your planner and paper and plenty of pencils and pens. Please check with your teacher if you need any workbooks. Please arrive between 7:50 and 8:05 am and go to the correct gate to have your temperature taken. Then go to the quad area for your period 1 class. You may stand on the social distancing stickers and talk with your friends until 8:05 when you will report to your Period 1 class. WE are not going to homeroom. All students including virtual and Hybrid B will zoom in with their homeroom teacher at 8:10 am.
We will still be handing out new schedules today from 11 am- 3 pm if you have not yet picked yours up.