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Hybrid/Virtual Learning Schedule

Oct. 9, 2020


Hello Stacey Families,


Thank you for your patience as we get ready to move into a hybrid in- person schedule on Nov. 17. Please read this entire letter carefully as it contains much important information. I am always available by phone or email if you have questions and will be hosting a Q and A before we return to campus. We also will be making a video that explains everything which we will have ready the first week in November.


Hybrid/ Virtual Schedules:

The hybrid/ virtual schedule is included at the bottom of this message. All virtual and hybrid students will move to the same schedule on Nov. 17. Every student is assigned a cohort group of A or B. These groups were arranged to best meet the needs of each student including elective choices, ELA or math placement and continuity with their current teachers. You will be able to see your child’s cohort group on Aeries in the coming weeks. Cohort A will attend school on Tuesday and Wednesday in person and Cohort B will attend school in person on Thursday and Friday. Virtual students will also be grouped into Cohort A and B and will follow the Cohort schedule with zoom instruction. Hybrid and virtual student are not in the same classes except for Spanish which I will explain later.

We selected this schedule for several reasons:

  • Every student whether hybrid or virtual receives the same amount of Live instruction in a given week. Every student whether virtual or hybrid is seen by their teachers every day. This ensures equity for each and every student.
  • We selected a half day schedule due to mask fatigue and the health and safety needs during lunch. All hybrid students will exit campus at 11:30 am and can grab lunch on their way out. They will eat lunch at home.  Drive up lunch pick up will still be available for students who are virtual or who are on the zoom meetings in the afternoon.
  • Mondays will remain an asynchronous day with both virtual and hybrid students having homeroom for the hour and teacher office hours for additional help after that. Students would again have the remainder of the day to complete any missing work and get caught up for the

week. This allows additional help for all students either hybrid or virtual.

  • This schedule allows all virtual and hybrid Stacey students the ability to participate in our virtual events such as virtual clubs, etc. and be recognized for our Cougar Pride awards, etc. .



Hybrid Students should arrive to campus no earlier than 7:50 am. No students may be dropped off earlier and then told to wait. If this happens we will contact the parent to make sure they understand the expectations. Students who are dropped off prior to 7:50 am will be moved to the virtual model. Also, all students must be picked up at 11:33 pm. Students may not wait for parents to come later than this time. Students may walk home if the parent allows that.  No student may wait in the park for a parent pick up. Again any student who consistently is not picked up on time will be moved to the virtual program.  Child care is available if you need that service. Please contact our Extended Learning Program at 714 894-7311 Ext. 1075   

If your child is in a Special Day class setting on campus, they will have an alternative schedule. Please check with your child’s teacher regarding the schedule for hybrid students.


All students will be receiving new schedules for the second trimester.


Schedule Pick-Up will be on the following days.  (Remember Wed. Nov. 11 is the Veteran’s Day holiday) Please remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing.  Families may come onto campus during schedule pick up to look at their child’s schedule and where to go. We know that our 6th grade and some of 7th grade students are new to our campus.  All students must be accompanied by a parent.


Tuesday, Nov. 10 1- 4 pm in front of the office.   6th and 7th graders only

Thurs. Nov. 12 1- 4 pm in front of the office        7th and 8th graders only

Friday Nov 13   9- 3 pm in front of the office.        All grades 6-8


We also will be handing out the Chromebook cases to our students who did not receive those at our registration student pick up day.


Students in Spanish will still be able to participate in their Spanish class. However, the class is only offered virtually due to the health needs of the teacher. Hybrid Spanish students will have an adult supervise them while they are in their Spanish class on campus.


Advanced woodshop, wood, and robotics are only offered to hybrid students since these are hands on classes. Students who are currently in these classes and are virtual will be placed in an alternative elective such as technology, lIfeskills or drama.


All PE classes will take place but students will not be dressing out for PE and will not be in the locker room. Individual fitness will be the goal.


Health and Safety:

The health and safety of student and staff is our top priority. A health and safety family manual will be coming out from the district office. Any student who will be attending in person hybrid classes will need to have that document signed and brought to schedule pick up. There are certain health and safety protocols that should be done at home prior to a student coming to school. Here are just a few of the requirements.

Please assess the temperature of your child before coming to school. If they have a temperature please do not send them. Giving any fever reducing medications and sending your child to school is not allowed. Also parents should check the health status of their child. Students should not have coughs, runny noses, and diarrhea or feel fatigued and achy.
  • Students will enter the campus at an assigned gate and will wait to have their temp checked before being allowed on campus. Any student with a temp of 100.4 or higher will be allowed to rest and then retake the temp. If it is still elevated, the parent must pick them up immediately. No parent may get out of their car to walk their child to the correct gate. Students should be dropped off and then  the parent needs to pull out of the parking lot.  More information will be forthcoming about which gate your child will enter and exit from.  After entering through the assigned gate, students will proceed to the quad area where their period 1 or 2 class is. They will socially distance with supervision until the bell rings at 8:05 am and then all students must go to class. Teachers may have their classrooms open early and may allow students to enter prior to 8:05 am.
  • All students must sanitize their hands when entering every classroom. They also must sanitize their hands when exiting. Handwashing stations will also be available in each quad area with soap and water.
  • Restrooms will be monitored; no more than two students in a restroom at any time.
  • Each classroom has been set up for up to 16 students along with desk shields, moveable shields and social distancing between desks.
  • All hybrid students while on campus must wear their mask and follow all social distancing and handwashing requirements. Any student who is unable or unwilling to follow these requirements will be given an opportunity to fix the behavior and possibly meet with the school nurse or counselor to review health and safety expectations. At the third incident, a student who is unable to follow these health regulations will be moved to the virtual setting. Parents will be notified after each incident and will be required to review the health and safety expectations with their child.
  • Directional arrows will be placed around campus, entrance and exit gates will be one way only.
  • Social distancing signage will also be placed around campus along with social distancing standing marks.


I know this is a lot of information so please take your time to read it carefully and please feel free to call or email me with questions. We are looking forward to seeing some of our students on campus.


 Mrs. DeBritton

714 894-7212



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