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22-23 New Incoming Student Enrollment Info



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Click here for the Presentation from Parent Meeting at Stacey MS on March 22nd. The meeting was intended for families of incoming students for the next school year (22-23).


Click here for a Video Talkover of the Presentation above by the Principal

Automatic Enrollment  VS Open Enrollment  VS  Interdistrict Transfer
Automatic Enrollment: Stacey's feeder schools are Clegg (5th grade), Eastwood (6th grade), Schroeder (6th grade), Webber (6th grade), and Willmore (5th grader) . If your child is currently enrolled at one of these schools (and are in the corresponding grade level), then they will automatically be enrolled at Stacey, and you do not need to complete an Open Enrollment process.
Open Enrollment is when you apply to go to a school that is not your "feeder" school. Anderson, DeMille, Finley, Hayden, Schmitt, Sequoia, Fryberger, and Meairs are not feeder schools to Stacey. If your child currently attends one of these schools, and you want them to attend Stacey then you must apply for Open Enrollment.  If your child is a 5th grader at Eastwood, Schroeder, or Webber, then they must complete the Open Enrollment process. If your child currently attends Johnson or Warner and you want them to attend Stacey for the 2022-2023 year, then you need to complete the Open Enrollment process.
Interdistrict Transfer: If you reside outside WSD and you want your child to attend Stacey, then you need to complete an Interdistrict Transfer. Contact the District for information.
WSD Open Enrollment Window is Feb 2 - April 22, 2022
How do you apply for Open Enrollment?
1) Request an Open Enrollment form from your home school
2) Once the Open Enrollment form is approved by your home school principal, bring it to the Westminster School District office for approval.
open enrollment
Students must have up-to-date immunizations to attend school. COVID vaccine is NOT required to attend school the 2021-2022 school year. 
No Shots No School