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Biliteracy Award 2020-2021 - 8th Grade Students

2021 - 2022 Biliteracy Information will be provided in February of 2022. Below is information from last year to give you an idea of the requirements.




Mandatory Informational Meeting Thursday, Feb. 11, 2021 at 3:00pm.

Jupiter message Mrs. DeBritton for zoom meeting link.




Interest Form DUE: Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021 


8th Grade Biliteracy Attainment Award

If you are fluent in two languages, consider earning a distinguished Biliteracy Attainment Award! If you demonstrate that you can read and write at grade level in both languages, then you may earn  the Biliteracy Pathways and Attainment Designation. 8th grade students who meet the requirements will earn a medal of recognition and a printed certificate. Additionally, this will set you apart when it's time to apply for college and get a job! If you continue down this path in high school, then you can get a Seal of Biliteracy on you High School Diploma.

8th Grade Biliteracy Attainment Designation Requirements (all must be met):

  • Demonstrates proficiency in English (earned 3 or 4 on ELPAC  OR   is an English only student who has never taken the ELPAC)
  • Passes assessment of target language given by office staff
  • 8th Grade Exit Interview is delivered in target language
  • Writes two argumentative essays that are grade-level appropriate - one in English and one in targeted language. They may be the exact essay just in 2 different languages. 
  • 2 minute video in targeted language on choice of topics
    • Topics for video:
      • How-to video
      • Teaching a younger student how to do something
      • Something you are passionate about
      • One of your interests
      • How to succeed in school
      • The benefits of being bilingual
      • The positive outcomes of a challenging situation you have faced
      • Your experience and involvement at Stacey
      • Your goals and aspirations 


Click on these links for more information: 


Informational Meeting Thursday google slide presentation


OCDE Letter introducing the Bilingual Pathways Program and Criteria for Awards


OCDE Biliteracy Informational Flyer


OCDE Biliteracy Informational Flyer (Spanish)


OCDE Biliteracy Informational Flyer (Vietnamese)



Contact Mrs. DeBritton for more information.


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