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Homeroom is the students main connection and point of contact at school. It provides a positive, friendly, and supportive environment.  In a typical school year, homeroom is every morning. 

Each homeroom has an elected homeroom representative who serves on the Leadership (ASB) team. Homeroom reps provide a voice for the student body on school decisions.

Our PTA hosts monthly Battle of the Homeroom competitions where students represent their homeroom, competing in fun lunch-time activities and contests. Each month’s winner gets the coveted Homeroom Champion Banner hung in their classroom. 


What are the benefits and importance of homeroom?

  • To share school and District activities, events, and information
  • To provide important communication with parents  
  • To have enrichment lessons for that focus on their social-emotional learning on topics such as mindfulness, grit, successful habits, etc.
  • To have enrichment lessons for digital and online safety through Common Sense Media
  • To answer questions that you may have and be unsure who to approach.
  • To engage in meaningful conversations about school and things out of school.
October's Battle 2019 Battle of the Homeroom: Mummy Wrap
battle of the homerooms
battle of the homerooms
Team Building Homeroom activity during virtual instruction: Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever
Project Alert: Substance Abuse Prevention
project alert
Digital Citizenship
digital citizenship
common sense media