8th Grade Promotion 2022 » 8th Grade Promotion 2022

8th Grade Promotion 2022



  • Each promoting 8th grader will receive 4 tickets. The 8th grade graduate does not need a ticket
  • Tickets will be distributed to students during school on Wednesday, June 15th.
  • Tickets will not be given out on the day of the event.
  • No extra tickets will be given due to the capacity of the gym
  • Everyone needs a ticket to attend except for children 2 and under who sit on a parent’s lap
  •  All fines must be paid and materials returned prior to receiving tickets.
    • All school material (math & social studies textbooks, chromebook, and charger) are returned. This includes outstanding materials from 6th and/or 7th grade
    • All outstanding monies are paid (go to the library to pay fines)
    • Email librarian, Lori Bell, [email protected] if you have questions about fines. 



  • 8th graders should report to school at the normal start time and go to their homeroom class. Students should be ready for promotion when they get to class. 
  • School dress code applies.
  • 8th graders should not bring any belongings with them. 
  • Once 8th grade students go to their homeroom class, they will not be able to meet up with their families until after the ceremony.  
  • Besides reporting to homeroom, 8th graders classes will not be in session
  • After the ceremony, students will be released to their parents on the blacktop 
  • 8th graders who are not participating in the promotion ceremony will report to room A2 and remain there until dismissal at 11:15am. 



  • Gym opens for seating at 8:20am. 
  • We are anticipating the end of the ceremony to be between 10:30-11:00am.
  • Everyone should do a self-health screening prior to arriving. If you have a temperature greater than 100.4° or have other covid symptoms, please do not attend. 
  • Masks are optional
  • Everyone must have a ticket to enter the gym.
  • Families should not bring balloons, flowers, large bags, air horns/sound makers, etc due to limited space and visibility.
  • Families will enter through the front of the gym
  • Families are not allowed anywhere on campus except the gym during the ceremony and the blacktop after the ceremony
  • Please do not leave the ceremony until after the conclusion of the ceremony. 
  • After the ceremony, students will be released to their parents on the blacktop behind the gym



  • Give yourself plenty of time to park.
  • Both school parking lots will be blocked off for handicap parking only. You may only park in our parking lots if you have a valid handicap placard.
  • Do not park in Clegg’s parking lot
  • We will provide some parking on our field. To park on the field, you will enter off Edgeview Ln. If you do this, you may not walk through the field and blacktop to go to the gym. You must walk out the entrance that you drove in through, walk through the park, and then enter through the front of the gym. 

6th and 7th Graders

  • 6th and 7th graders will attend school while the ceremony is going on.
  • School start time is the same, but dismissal is at 11:15am
  • 6th and 7th graders will stay with their homeroom teacher the entire day. 
  • 6th and 7th graders who have 8th graders in their homeroom, may be assigned an alternate teacher for the day. We will let those students know. 
  • 6th and 7th graders may not attend the ceremony unless they are a sibling and have a ticket. If they attend, parents need to report this to the Attendance Hotline 714-897-6723