Corporate Attire

Corporate Attire

Corporate Attire dress days for our 8th grade students begin in November and happen every Tuesday. Students are encouraged to come to school dressed as corporate leaders and earn points in 8th grade classes each time they participate.


The Reason for Corporate Attire Dress Day:


            Corporate Attire dress days help our 8th graders understand how to dress for success. It also helps them focus on thinking about careers they might want to pursue as they attend high school and college. We believe every 8th grader benefits from becoming aware of what corporate dress attire looks like so they can practice using it and present themselves as confident, successful individuals. It also prepares them for our Exit Interviews, which are held in early June. 


Corporate attire for boys:


* Collared shirt and tie with slacks or very dark jeans

* Belt and shirt tucked in

* Clean shoes and dark socks

* Jackets are optional

* Clean, combed hair


Corporate attire for girls:


* Work dress, or skirt and blouse that is appropriate length with no bare shoulders

* Dress pants with blouse or sweater

* Comfortable shoes, can include a 2" heel (maximum)

* Hair off face

* Clean, natural, professional look

* natural makeup

* May wear a jacket or appropriate sweater

* No jeans


We do not expect parents to purchase these items for children, but to look in your closet for items that work. Students who are having difficulty with items can see Mrs. DeBritton or Mrs. Hernandez in the office for assistance. Please note that any of this attire would also be appropriate for our promotion ceremony in June as well as our Exit Interviews. Thank you in advance for your support as we help our students begin to think about their future.