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Stacey Staff Support - Quick Reference Guide

Stacey Quick Reference Guide for Virtual Learning 20/21:

This is a list of helpful resources and where to go if you need assistance

School Website:

The website has our calendar and all information including teacher emails,websites updated school information. 

School Phone: 714 894-7212 Office Hours: 7:30a-4:00p M-F

Attendance Hotline: 714-897-6723

Community Liaisons:

Teresa Benitez - Spanish 7:30 -11 am

[email protected]


Brennie Nguyen- Vietmanese  12- 3 pm

[email protected]

Tech support: Kevin Luu

[email protected]

Heidi DeBritton, Principal

[email protected]

Wendy Baird, Assistant Principal

[email protected]

TBD, Registrar


Kim Stevens, Office Manager

[email protected]

Lori Bell, Librarian

[email protected]

Amanda Lara, Health Aide

[email protected]

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