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Common Core Math, Resources, and Help

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Since 2013 there have been some changes in Education and one of those changes is known now as the Common Core Math Standards. These Math Standards along with 21st Century skills including Digital Literacy competencies are embedded in the new California Math Frameworks and are included in the overall Grades in classes and on their State Assessment, known as the CASSPP
Take a look at this powerpoint link below should help as we all learn together:
Link to what Technology looks like in the math classrooms:


We have attached the Math frameworks as a guide for students and parents to read through them and become familiar with the new standards and Instructional shifts needed to implement them.

6th grade Math:


7th grade Math:


Math 7A(This is an acceleration model not Honors) In Math 7A students will take all of 7th grade math and then go on to master half of the 8th grade standards. It Students who take Algebra in 9th grade are on the UC track.


8th grade Math


Algebra Math

Online Text Book Big Ideas Math: 

Video Tutorial Student Dynamic eBook

Video Tutorial Assignments






Prodigy Math:


Khan Academy: