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No Shots No School
***Vaccination Event advertised below is NOT for COVID. They are offering the required immunization shots for entry into school.  
vaccine clinic
vaccine clinic
vaccine clinic

Posted 5/13/2020:

As of today, the California Department of Public Health is still requiring immunizations prior to school entry. Vaccinations are considered an 'essential' activity during the pandemic. The Orange County chapter of the AAP want parents to know that they are creating safe spaces for children to receive their shots. Parents are encouraged to schedule an appointment now, so they can be up-to-date before the first day of school.  Pediatric practices expect to be extremely busy this summer as they ‘catch up’ on the well-child visits.  If you schedule your appointment now, you will have a better chance of getting the shots done before the first day of school.  California law states that students may not attend school without their shots.  Their saying is “No shots- no school.” Current information can be found on the California Immunization Branch website:  


Proof of missing immunizations needed before student can return to school. Copies of immunization records can be sent to Amanda Lara, Stacey Health Assistant  [email protected]

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