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Virtual Back to School Night 20-21

Welcome Back               
Visit your teacher's virtual classroom & Back to School Video:            
  • Click on your teacher's name in the alphabetical listing                
  • Click on the class to view their video
candy jars
GUESS HOW MANY IN ALL 3 JARS - Fill out form here!
Closest guess wins one of the jars! - One per grade! Ties will be decided by drawing.
WINNERS! (there were 309 in all 3 jars)

6th Grade - Riley Kirby

7th Grade - Ryan Hoover

8th Grade - Elia Ontiveros

Simply enter to win a $5.00 starbucks gift card - One per grade!

6th Grade - Natilly Munoz (302) 

7th Grade - Ryan Hoover (278)

8th Grade - Tommy Tardiff (289) 

Read the clues, find the code word, fill In the form!
Win a $5.00 Starbucks Gift Card - One per grade! Winners will be drawn from all correct entries. 

6th Grade - Giovanni Barragan

7th Grade - Aidan Baer

8th Grade - Sachiko Karasawa

  1. Find Mrs. Thach on the STAFF DIRECTORY
  2. Find the online link to AR, STAR, & READING-STUDENT TESTING
  3. Look under "RECENT NEWS" (on homepage) and for Mrs. DeBritton's messages. 
  4. Visit our Mathematics Department
  5. Look under Parents for information about PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student Association)

Stacey Quick Reference Guide for Virtual Learning 20/21:

This is a list of helpful resources and where to go if you need assistance

Staff Directory


School Phone: 714 894-7212 Office Hours: 7:30a-4:00p M-F

Attendance Hotline: 714-897-6723

Teresa Benitez - Spanish X2611 7:30 -11 am M-F


Brennie Nguyen- Vietmanese X2610 12- 3 pm M-F

Tech support: Kevin Luu X2670

Heidi DeBritton, Principal X2601

Wendy Baird, Assistant Principal X2602

Kim Stevens, Office Manager X2603


Patsy Ashcraft, Registrar X2604

Lori Bell, Librarian X2615

Amanda Lara, Health Aide X2605

AERIES Parent Portal


Chromebook Insurance - Due by October 1st

Lunch Menus & Payments

Yearbook Purchase - Cost is $35. Goes up to $45 October 1st. 

Stacey PTSA - Support Stacey PTSA through Amazon Smile!

Mrs. Airth          airth - SS 7          airth - language!
Mr. Andrews          andrews - videography          andrews - math 7          andrews - Math 6
bischof          bischof - LA 6          bischof - SS 6          bischof - LA 7
Clecker          IBB Cleck Science 8          IBb Cleck Robotics          IBB Cleck STEAM 7
cota          cota - math         cota - study skills
Jack Dandridge          J Dandridge -Science 7          J Dandridge -SCience 6
t dandridge          T Dandridge -Math 6                    T Dandridge -Science 6          T Dandridge - Life Skills
Mrs. Dimick          Dimick - Interv Reading          dimick - study skills
Doyle          doyle - math 7          doyle - math 7a          doyle - speech & debate
Falley          Falley - Math 7           Falley - Study Skills
faulkner          faulkner - LA Read 6          faulkner - SS 6          faulkner - LA REad 7          faulkner - LA read Honors
gates          gates - math 7           gates - math 8           gates - intro to avid
JR GO          GO - Science 7          GO - Technology
Granger          granger HR          Granger - Interv Reading          Granger Study Skills
Ibbetson          IBB Cleck Science 8          IBb Cleck Robotics          IBB Cleck STEAM 7
Janssen          Janssen - Math 8          Janssen 8A Algebra          Janssen Study Skills
kleen          kleen math 6          kleen math 8          kleen technology
mitchell          mitchell LA Read 8          mitchell SS 8
 olmscheid         olmscheid math 7          olmscheid woodshop          olmschedid adv wood 8          
ortegaortega honors  ortega ela readortega avid
ouellette          ouellette pe combo
phan          Phan yearbook          phan math 8           phan math 8A
piramo          piramo voices
ramirez          ramirez pathways
redmond          redmond us history 8          redmond world history 7
rehfeldt          rehfeldt la read 7          rehfeldt ss 7
sale          sale ela 7          sale ela 8          sale drama
sass          Sass PE Combo          Sass PE Combo
schmidt          schmidt science 8
thach          Thach Math 6          thach math 7          thach AVID
thorsen          thorsen pe combo
Valverde          valverde la read 8          valverde spanish
Vu          vu la read          vu ss
walters          Walters LA Read Honors          walters SS 7    Walters Beg Art          Walters Adv Art
watson          watson SS 7          watson SS 6
winemiller                    wine 7          wine  8
woodruff          woodruff beg band          woodruff chambers
Yohn          yohn SS 8
ziegler          Zeigler MM