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Leadership / ASB #awesomeness

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MONDAY: Scavenger Hunt

  • Rules
    • Teacher will ask students to turn off their cameras
    • Teacher will announce an object for the students to find in their house
    • First kid to find the object and turn on their camera with it, gets the point
  •  Flexibility:
  • Report your Top 3 point earners
  • Promote the next day's theme


TUESDAY: Crazy Hair

  • Rules: kids will crazy up their hair
  • Report: Judge who in your homeroom class has the craziest hair. Report your Top 3.
  • Promote the next day's theme.


  • Rules: kids will dress up as a hero (real or fictional)
  • Report: Choose 3 Students who stand out.
  • Promote the next day's theme.

THURSDAY: Zoom Background Contest

  • Rules: kids will come up with a creative, but appropriate Zoom background. It could be digital or a physical design behind them in their room.
  • Report: Choose 3 Students who stand out.
  • Promote the next day's theme.​

FRIDAY: Halloween Costume Dress up

  • Rules: kids will dress up in a school appropriate costume.
  • Report: Choose your TOP 3 students.
Are you interested in developing your leadership skills, getting work experience, and making a positive difference on our campus? Consider joining Leadership ASB. Our crew oversees all the other clubs on campus, provides fun activities like pep rallies and dances, and promotes an atmosphere of motivation and positive vibes. 
This is a an after school club and will not interfere with any of your classes or electives.

Basic Requirements:
- must maintain a 2.5 or higher GPA
- must maintain good behavior in and out of class (No "U"s or "N"s on citizenship)
- must commit to our sponsored events like Fall Fest, Glowintine, and other Leadership activities (if and when applicable)
- must be able to work the student store at least once a week in either the morning shift or after school shift (when and if applicable)

Attributes we are looking for:
- outgoing
- willing to put yourself in a leadership position
- dedicated to our Leadership activities
- enjoys overcoming obstacles and can problem solve
- will not complain without providing a solution

Application Process:
1) Fill out this basic application
2) Attend a Virtual Interview - TBA