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8th Grade Trimester Elective Rotation

8th Grade Trimester Rotation (Woodshop, Technology, and Life Skills)

*Students may not chose which of the trimester electives they take each trimester. Students assigned which trimester they take which elective



Woodshop is a 7th and 8th grade trimester class where students will continue to learn and apply woodworking skills. They will have more choice in the projects that they create with both machines and hand tools. Students will cut, sand, and paint their projects and take them home to keep. In addition to learning about woodworking skills, students will also learn about 3D printing. Students will practice and apply 3D design skills online to create and print a 3D project. This project, like their woodshop project, will be taken home. Students will learn and practice wood safety, and students will be expected to follow all safety rules.



Computer Science is an 8th grade trimester introductory class designed to expose students to the field of computer science and to develop their skills towards competency of the core Computer Science Standards put forth by the CA Department of Education. Using project based instruction, students will build a knowledge base of computer applications, analyzing data, internet safety, programming and problem solving. Some projects may involve game design, mobile app development, web design and more. These projects are designed to develop team building, problem solving, and creative skills to launch students into future Computer Science courses and careers.


Life Skills

The Life Skills class is an 8th grade trimester class that teaches basic skills that enable people to be healthy and independent. It introduces students to essential life skills through multiple units of instruction such as effective communication, meal preparation and sanitation, sewing, hygiene, self-directed learning, nutrition, and college/career planning.







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