Electives » Band (6th - 8th Grade Yealong)

Band (6th - 8th Grade Yealong)

We will follow the State Guidelines for music instruction. That means that this information may change. The following information is from 2018-2019.

Band is a yearlong class for 6th - 8th grader. We offer various levels from beginners to advance. Stacey's instrumental music program enriches the lives of students by helping them acquire many positive attributes and skills. Students develop lifelong traits  such as perseverance, teamwork, and self expression. Additionally, studies have shown that students who participate in music programs have higher scores on standardized tests in reading and math than students who do not take instrumental music. 


Details about our Music Program: 

  • 6th, 7th, and 8th grade yearlong elective

  • All abilities levels are welcome and appreciated​

  • Instruments offered for instruction: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, and French horn

  • Percussion instruments are taught to students only after they learn a wind instrument and are selected by the band teacher. 

  • School will provide students with an instrument; however, students may choose to buy or rent their own instrument. 

  • Students with no experience are placed in a beginning band (instruments and books supplied)

  • Students who previously took band are placed in one of the advanced ensembles such as chamber winds, symphonic band, or zero period’s advanced wind ensemble. (not sure if we will have zero period this year)

  • There is a possibility that guitar will be taught 


Fun Facts about our Music Program:

Students enjoy our music program. In fact, 95% of our students who start music will continue it for the remainder of their time at Stacey. 


Our band program has won awards that no other schools, who participated in the festivals, have ever attained in a performance setting.


In the 2019 -2020 school year, there were 33 students who had brothers and sisters who previously participated in Stacey's band program. Our families find music is important and rewarding and want their family members to have the same experience.


When most music programs enrollment goes down during the year, our enrollment goes up. 


Stacey regularly has around 700 family and community members attend our concerts to hear our students perform. Our community supports and appreciates the Stacy band program.


For more information, please email Instrumental Music Director, Jordan Woodruff at jwoodruff@wsdk8.us