Portfolio / Exit Interview

EXIT INTERVIEWS held on Friday, June 5th

For the past 10 years, through the generous support of our community, Stacey has provided the opportunity to have all 8th graders participate in the Exit Interview process. Our community members sat one on one with the students and asked them important questions about their gain knowledge at Stacey and what their future looks like. Stacey students have worked on pieces of this process since the beginning of the school year. It would be a disservice to have that opportunity taken away.
This year's interviews will be a little different. The requirements have been scaled back and teachers performing the interviews and teachers will be participating with groups of students. Here's what is to be expected:
At least 4 Google slides:
Slide 1: Your name and your ELA Teacher's name and your cover letter.
Slide 2:  Your resume (what you have learn, achieved, and participated in while at Stacey)
Slide 3:  Future college and career plans
Slide 4: What are you most proud of  or what have you learned about yourself during this quarantine period.
Other slides may be added such as: awards and accomplishments, evidence of goals. etc.
Students are encouraged to "dress for success." This is a formal interview just like you would have for a job. 
Think "Corporate Attire" It's important you find a quiet place for you interview as well. 
IMPORTANT: All 8th grade students will get a Jupiter Ed communication as to the teacher they will be interviewing with and where to send their google slides. Interviews will take place on Friday, June 5 at the time the teacher has set up for students.  Students will be evaluated on the completeness of their work, quality of their work, and creativity and how they respond during the group interview process. This will be part of their ELA grade as it has been for years. If you have questions, please contact your ELA teacher.
8th Grade Chromebook & Textbook Drop-Off / PE belongings Pick-Up / Promotion
The week of June 8 and more information will be coming out soon!
We will soon be collecting Chromebooks, textbooks, library books and debt such as food services and debt for damaged Chromebooks, lost library books, etc. Please pay attention to all information sent to you. Food services has been contacting parents about debt owed for the past several weeks. Students will be returning their school materials . We also will be returning student belongings in the locker room at the same time as the drop-off of school materials.
We will be hosting a promotion drive thru as well on the days of returning your school materials. We will also be issuing our end of year graduation awards to students who earned them or were selected for them. Certificates will be handed to you when we have the graduation drive thru. Students will receive their diploma, a program, and a gift from all of us as well on the Promotion drive thru day. More information will be sent out as we get closer to the date.

I encourage all 8th graders to Finish STRONG!!. While formal grades are not being issued, earning a grade of a No Mark does not look especially good to your high school. Remember you are working on getting your skills ready for the rigor of high school so choosing not to do complete work will put you behind. You are all wonderful students and can do this. Ask for help and do your best!